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McConnell After Election Win: 'Our Fellow Citizens Are Not Our Enemies'

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File

Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell sailed to a 7th term in Congress in the general election, easily defending his seat against Democrat Amy McGrath.

"Tonight, Kentucky said we're keeping our front row seat in the Senate," the Republican announced.

Despite a more than $40 million campaign waged by his opponent, Kentucky's longest serving senator cruised to a win in Tuesday night's contest. While McConnell hailed the victory as a rebuke of coastal elites, the lawmaker said citizens have bigger forces to confront than party.

"Our nation has real challenges and real adversaries," McConnell said. "But our fellow citizens are not our enemies."

McGrath struck a conciliatory tone in her a brief concession video posted to Twitter, saying the energy she saw on the campaign trail gives her hope for Kentucky's future.

"Today, it is my sincere hope that our country can start to heal after these ugly and divisive four years," she said.

The Democrat had campaigned on unseating a senator she said had been in Washington too long and failed to deliver for the state. McConnell argued his majority leader position allows the commonwealth to "punch above its weight" politically.

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