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There's Still Time To Donate Masks To 'Coverings for Kids'

In early August, Kentucky’s First Lady Britainy Beshear and Lt. Governor Jaqueline Coleman kicked off the ‘Coverings for Kids’ program. The mission was to make sure children and educators had the face coverings they needed to be ‘Healthy at School’ by reducing the spread of the coronavirus when schools reopened. The First Lady said more than 150,000 masks have been given so far and this Friday, October 30th, the donation leg of the program will come to an end. Districts across the state will continue to give out masks as needed until the supply runs out.

The Beshear’s learned first-hand how well wearing a mask protected their family. Just over two weeks ago one of the Governor’s security detail tested positive for the Coronavirus after he and the Governor traveled in a vehicle together. Both were wearing a mask. While the trooper had mild flu-like symptoms, The First Family ended a two-week self-quarantine with four negative COVID-19 tests. “The trooper that was driving him had a mask on as did Andy and obviously at the time the trooper did not know that he was positive.” The First Lady said that “because he had on his mask and Andy had on his mask, COVID was not transmitted from one person to another and I can’t think of a better example of why masks are so crucial.” As for the thousands of Kentucky children who have returned to in-person learning, Mrs. Beshear said the ‘Coverings for Kids’ program will ensure that every child, educator and their families have that same protection.

Each district has drop-off locations for masks and the donations will be taken to the schools as needed. If a parent or guardian can’t provide a mask for their child, if a student loses their mask, or if a mask gets lost, schools will have extras on hand.

As for those who have become lax about wearing a mask or simply refuse The First Lady said “We are team Kentucky…we need to look past ourselves and think of the people around us. I cannot imagine sending my child to school without a mask on. You know we protect our children from so much why would we not protect them from this as well.”

For more information on the ‘Coverings for Kids’ program click here https://governor.ky.gov/coveringsforkids