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CDC Eviction Freeze Could Resolve Questions In Kentucky

Karyn Czar

A nationwide halt on evictions by the Trump administration could resolve most of the lingering legal questions surrounding Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear's actions on evictions.

Landlords have gone to court to sue the Beshear administration over its now-expired moratorium on evictions, but fresh legal challenges over his latest order placing restrictions on property owners were expected. Those questions now appear to be on hold while the state waits for the details of the Trump administration's eviction freeze, to be administered by the Centers for Disease Control.

Wednesday, Beshear said he believes the CDC order will clear up all but some fringe matters related to evictions, but "we still have a challenge for the business owners, especially those that are trying to do it right, but more than that we have individuals that, if we don't get in there now and start creating good resolutions, will come out of COVID with so much debt that they won't have a place to live, they won't have credit. It would be hard to get life up and going."

To that end, the state will not be pulling back a $15M aid package announced earlier, though it will be reorganizing how that some of that money is spent.

The CDC order does not reportedly offer any route for landlords to recoup unpaid rent.

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