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Local Meat Producers Keeping Lexington’s Good Foods Co-op Stocked

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A Lexington co-operative grocer is keeping fresh meat and produce on the shelves, thanks to the work of local farmers. WUKY’s Arlo Barnette reports.

Despite current and projected disruptions to national supply chains due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fresh meat is still available from producers here in the Commonwealth. Good Foods Co-op has carried locally sourced food for almost 50 years, and they say they’re not stopping now: Kentucky Proud farmers and ranchers are delivering the store beef, pork, eggs, milk, bread, and more.

Although some grocers have had to limit the amount of high-demand items a customer can purchase, Good Foods Co-op Marketing Manager Lauren Gawthrop says that’s not currently necessary for the meat.

The co-op works with five meat producers in the state: Marksbury Farm in Lancaster, Farmer Joe’s in Salvisa, Rolling Fork Organic Farm in Gravel Switch, Stone Cross Farm in Taylorsville, and Foothills Country Meats in Monticello.

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