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Lexington's Mayor: We Need PPE

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton has been holding weekly meetings with representatives of Lexington’s healthcare community since the onset of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. Like hospitals across the country, Gorton says PPE supplies like gloves, masks and Tyvek suits are running low. “Our healthcare workers are among the heroes among this crisis.  They deserve to be protected as they go about their daily work.”

If you are a business that can produce PPE or you have any to donate please call 311 or the Mayor’s office at 859-258-3100. Mayor Gorton said she is fighting for Lexington but she needs all of us do continue to do our part.

Mayor Gorton also had a reminder about yard waste which will be picked up once in April. If you have city garbage pickup on Monday’s and Tuesdays, crews will pick up your yard waste this Wednesday, April 8th. Yard waste pickup for everyone who has city garbage collections on Thursday and Fridays will be on April 15th (next Wednesday).

Gorton also wanted to remind everyone that you can walk or jog in the parks as long as you stay six feet apart and saw improved social distancing this past weekend.

As far as the city’s budget and revenue, Mayor Gorton said she won’t the full impact until the end of the fourth quarter which will be the most affected. As far as the city’s spending freeze, Gorton said it will not affect any necessary services in the city.