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Top Lawmaker Talks Of Ending Kentucky Session Next Week

LRC Public Information

Setting out a potential legislative timetable amid the coronavirus outbreak, a top Kentucky lawmaker outlined a plan to pass priority bills with a goal of ending this year’s session next week.

Senate President Robert Stivers said Tuesday that it’s better for lawmakers to be in session now to pass a new state budget before the virus outbreak potentially becomes worse.

“I believe right now is the time for us to be here, finish our business as quickly and expeditiously as possible, and then go home,” the Republican lawmaker said in a Senate floor speech.

The biggest job for lawmakers is to finish work on a two-year state budget that would take effect July 1. The House recently passed a budget and the Senate is working on its version.

“As it stands now, in a very, very fluid situation, one like we have never seen, ... that we get in, take the bills we can, prioritize them, move through the system and shoot to get out of here targeted date next week with limited contact to try to conclude our business,” Stivers said. “So we can be done and this government can operate beyond July 1.”

Lawmakers reconvened Tuesday for the first time since last Thursday.