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COVID-19: Kentucky's Patient Zero Worked At Cynthiana Walmart


Government leaders and state health officials release more information about the Coronavirus spread in Kentucky. There are four confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kentucky and about 200 people in the state are being monitored. This morning Governor Andy Beshear confirmed that state’s first known case was an employee at the Cynthiana Walmart. Dr. Crystal Miller is working directly with the Harrison County store and city officials. She says the store did not close and it is safe to shop there. “We worked closely with Walmart management throughout the weekend. They have ramped up their disinfectant and number of cleanings but they did not close.”

Governor Beshear vowed to remove any impediments that prevent someone from being tested or treated for the Coronavirus. “We’re going to eliminate prior authorizations or any other issues that would cause pushback within that Medicaid system. Today I will be issuing an executive order that will waive co-pays, deductibles, cost-sharing and diagnostic testing fees for private insurance and state employees.” On Friday the Governor declared a state of emergency so to free up additional resources if they are needed for the state. It also makes price-gouging illegal.

The four confirmed cases are in Fayette, Jefferson and Harrison counties. State health officials say the best defense against COVID-19 is the same as protecting yourself against the flu: wash your hands, stay away from anyone who is sick, stay home if you are sick, don’t touch your face and cough or sneeze into a clean tissue and throw it away.