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Don't Let Their Fur Fool You. Pets Need Extra Care When Temps Drop

Associated Press

As the temperatures get ready to fall, your four legged family members can also get frost bite and hypothermia. Make sure if your pet has to be left outside that it has a shelter, igloos shapes are the best, straw or blankets to keep warm and plenty to eat and drink.

Carrie Lowry is with the Franklin County Humane Society. “We recommend that they have extra food if they have to be outside in the cold. Avoid using metal bowls. We recommend plastic bowls for food and water. You might also consider getting a heated water bowl. The sell those at a lot of farm supply stores. Things like that”                          

Lowry says most pets in this area haven’t developed a warm enough coat to deal with extreme cold temperatures. The rule of thumb…if you can’t handle the cold, your pet probably can’t either.