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Accountability Report Shines Light On Low-Performing Schools

Karyn Czar

An accountability report is singling out seven Lexington elementary schools for state intervention. 

The  latest Kentucky Department of Education numbers were released Wednesday. 

Arlington, Coventry Oak, Harrison, Mary Todd, Millcreek, William Wells Brown, and Yates elementary schools are being placed in a category dubbed “Comprehensive Support and Intervention,” meaning the state will step in to help improve scores while decision-making will shift from the schools’ site-based councils to Superintendent Manny Caulk.

Caulk says there are commonalities among the elementary schools identified as low-performing.

"We're looking at schools that are clustered together. If you look at our map, you'll see that their attendance zones and boundaries, with the exception of one, are contiguous," the school leader told WUKY. "We know that if we're going to solve this, we've got to do this in partnership with our community. That's why one of our core values is that it takes an entire community to ensure the success of our schools." 

Twenty-five other Fayette County schools were earmarked for Targeted Support and Intervention, or TSI. Those schools – which include five high schools, along with ten middle and ten elementary – had at least one student population with scores similar to those in the state’s bottom five percent, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

"For our families, I want to tell them, especially those in our CSI schools, that we're not going to wait. We're going to provide support to those schools, more support to our families, and they will be able to see those changes and those efforts in place this academic year," Caulk said. 

Among the schools and programs that received high marks were Rosa Parks Elementary, Lafayette High School, and SCAPA at Bluegrass.

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