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Adkins: Fundraising Should Focus On 2018 Elections

Legislative Research Commission / Josh James

Kentucky House Democratic leader Rocky Adkins has called on potential rival Andy Beshear to temporarily halt fundraising for next year's gubernatorial campaign and focus on raising money for the party's legislative candidates this year.

Adkins made the request Thursday to any Kentucky Democrat considering a run for statewide office in 2019, but he singled out Beshear — the state's attorney general who has announced his bid for governor.

Adkins told reporters he's seriously considering his own run for governor. But he said the party's focus needs to be on the top priority for Democrats this year, which is to win back control of the state House.

Beshear campaign spokesman Brad Bowman says Beshear is already doing his part to support Democrats. He says Beshear has attended numerous events to promote legislative candidates.