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Former Officer Was Suspended For Social Media Posts


Records released by a Kentucky police department show a former officer had been suspended for calling a black teen a "wild animal that needs to be put down." WDRB-TV obtained documents from the Louisville Metro Police Department's internal investigation into Brian Smith. According to the documents, Chief Steven Conrad in January planned to fire Smith for three Facebook posts that "advocate violence against others" and "fostered mistrust of the police." But 10 days later, he said a 30-day suspension without pay would be sufficient. Police say Smith ultimately resigned in April.

Smith was investigated after a complaint that his Facebook page demonstrated "deep-seated bias against minority communities." Another post said someone should beat Madonna "half to death" with a microphone for studying the Quran.

The complaint was brought by an attorney representing the children of Darnell Wicker in a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and police. Smith and the other involved officers were exonerated in the shooting, and Smith was dropped as a defendant.

Smith was also suspended without pay for 25 days in 2009 for sending inappropriate text messages to his ex-girlfriend's minor daughter.