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Visitors Continue To Pour Into Buffalo Trace At A Record Pace

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Bourbon Tourism continues to be a strong draw for Kentucky distilleries.  In fact, Buffalo Trace, a National Historic Landmark in Frankfort set a milestone for visitors this past year.

In 2017 the distillery welcomed 201,491 guests. That represents an increase of 18% over last calendar year, and a total increase of 287% since 2010. “It took us 15 years to get to 100,000 visitors, but only three years to get to 200,000, so the momentum just keeps going,” said Marketing Services Director Meredith Moody.

Buffalo Trace offers complimentary tours of the campus just about every day of the year.  Moody says the new bourbon Pompeii attraction, which features the preserved remnants of the original OFC operation from the late 1800’s has proved especially popular.

"That has opened up a whole new area of visitors for us; people who are interested in history and archeology get something out of the experience.  Since we opened the tour in August we've been showing it every single day and we're looking at expanding it from once a day to twice a day," Moody told WUKY.

The family owned company says it plans to spend in excess of a billion dollars over the next decade on a variety of improvements.

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