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House Scraps Committee Investigating Former Speaker

Associated Press

The Kentucky House of Representatives has walked back a controversial rule change that created a special legislative panel to investigate former Speaker Jeff Hoover.

With no floor debate, the Republican-dominated House unanimously repealed the short-lived rule known as 23-A that opened up a separate investigation into a sexual harassment settlement that led to Hoover's resignation from the top spot. Facing bipartisan backlash and ongoing confusion in the chamber, lawmakers opted to defer the matter to the Legislative Ethics Commission, which is conducting its own review.

"I will admit that this was a horrible mistake should have never been done," Speaker Pro Tem David Osborne acknowledged on the floor. "I will apologize to this body for the creation of a rule that created some bit of chaos and consternation, but I'm not going to apologize for the intent behind it."

Osborne urged the body to move forward with business as it awaits the findings of the LEC. The leader told reporters the House committee looking into the settlement will be disbanded and all information gathered handed over to commission.

Rep. Hoover was present, but refrained from commenting or voting on the motion to undo the rule change.

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