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Lawsuit Over Inmate's Death Settled

Gaunce Family

A Central Kentucky county has settled a lawsuit filed in connection with an inmate who suffered a fatal seizure after lying in his cell in his own feces, wracked with pain from drug withdrawal.

Montgomery County paid about $400,000 last year to settle the lawsuit over the 2013 death of 37-year-old Ronald Gaunce. A judge had previously ruled that a doctor, a nurse and the county jailer all demonstrated "deliberate indifference" to Gaunce's medical needs.

The Kentucky Association of Counties, which insures most of the state's counties, confirmed details of the out-of-court settlement late last month. The settlement resolves claims made by Gaunce's mother against Jailer Eric Jones and several deputies.

Jones has agreed to "regularly train" his employees on identifying the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal.