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McConnell Hoping For More Disciplined Donald Trump

Associated Press

Kentucky U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell says he senses presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gradually adopting a more disciplined tone as he pivots to the general election.

The Senate Majority Leader has so far tempered his endorsements of Trump with careful critiques of the candidate’s freewheeling campaign style. Speaking with Pure Politics Washington, D.C. bureau reporter Geoff Bennett, McConnell shared the advice he’s been giving the often brash businessman as the party’s national convention approaches.

"You're a great entertainer. You turn on audiences. You're good before a crowd. you have a lot of Twitter followers. That worked fine for you in the primaries, but now that you're in the general people are looking for a level of seriousness that's typically conveyed by having a prepared text and teleprompter and staying on message," the GOP leader said.

McConnell has made protecting his party’s majority in the Senate a priority going into the fall.

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