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Governor Beshear Gives Final Interview

This week, with the First Lady at his side, Governor Steve Beshear sat down with reporters and gave his exit interview, sharing what he saw as the biggest challenges and accomplishments of his administration.

A drop in unemployment from nearly 11% to five percent, an economy that was in recession to being called one of the best in the country, higher high-school graduation rates and dozens of major infrastructure and transportation projects are just some of the things Democratic Governor Steve Beshear says he’s most proud of during his 8 years in office and he hopes incoming Republican Governor Matt Bevin will expand upon them. “Kentucky has tremendous momentum.  Now is the time to put the foot on the excelerator and not on the break.”

In particular, Beshear was talking about expanded Medicaid and the state’s health exchange program Kynect, which Bevin vowed during his campaign to dismantle if he got elected.  “In healthcare I think it’s obvious what’s gone on there.  Today for the first time we can say the every single Kentuckian has access to affordable healthcare.  That in a generation will make a huge difference in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

When asked why he thought Republicans won so many offices in this year’s elections, Beshear said low voter turnout, feelings over the fight to legalize gay marriage and battles over issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples probably played a role.  Beshear’s legacy does include a public pension system for teachers with a $14 billion unfunded liability.  Governor-elect Matt Bevin said he will make fixing that system his top priority.  

Beshear’s last day in office is December 7th.  A lawyer by trade, the outgoing Governor said he and his wife will relax for awhile, then get to work on some projects but he wouldn’t elaborate as to what those projects were.