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Fayette Superintendent Grateful For Seasonal Allergies


The new Superintendent of Fayette County Public Schools says his consistent struggle with seasonal allergies might have saved his life.

In a letter to the school district released Monday night, Manny Caulk says a malignant tumor was found last week during his sinus surgery at the University of Kentucky Hospital. Caulk says tests confirmed that there was no spread elsewhere in his body. He says the surgery lasted 18-hours.

Shortly after Caulk arrived in Lexington to begin his new job, he publicly noted that his allergies had flared-up since moving to central Kentucky from Maine. That led to doctor visits and the sinus surgery.

Caulk noted in his letter that had he not come to Lexington, his allergies wouldn’t have flared-up and doctors may not have found the tumor in time for such an excellent outcome.  He says he’s making steady progress and doctors expect him to make a full recovery.  Caulk says he’ll do his best to work during his treatments and stay involved in the daily operations of the school district. Caulk did not say when he expects to return to the office.

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