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UK Lands Grant From U.S. Defense Department

They risk their lives protecting our country, now the University of Kentucky will use a $4.2 million grant focus on keeping the men and women in Special Ops physically fit and injury free long after their military careers come to an end. 

It’s a partnership between the United States Department of Defense and UK’s College of Health Sciences and it coincides with the establishment of the new 6,000 square foot Sports Science Research Institute, also known as SSRI at UK.  The $4.2 million in funding will allow continued research on new approaches to prevent and treat musculoskeletal, neurological and other injuries to athletes and military personnel.  Captain Jeremiah Sloan is the Operations Flight Commander with the Air Force ROTC.  “A big part of our force and their ability to protect our national security is staying in shape and staying healthy and fit to fight, so preventing injuries is our main concern and I think that the research that’s being completed here will help in that endeavor.”

The SSRI will be located on UK’s campus on is scheduled to be complete next summer.