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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Says Victory "More And More Likely"

Josh James

Gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin had the spotlight at Thursday’s Commerce Lexington Public Policy Luncheon. The appearance saw the Republican nominee elaborating on his plans for healthcare and pensions while also adding another chapter to what has been, at times, a rocky relationship with the press.

Touching on a wide range of issues, Bevin reiterated policy positions that have become familiar to followers of his campaign – moving Kentuckians insured through kynect to the federal exchange, shifting new public employees to a 401(k)-style defined contribution program to curb the state’s pension liabilities, and proposing what he says are simple solutions to the controversy surrounding Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.

Asked whether all public workers should receive accommodations for any religious objection, Bevin said cases such as Davis’, which can be remedied, should honor First Amendment protections.

"It can't be just indiscriminately... if you make an exception that affects one person at a cost that is more than society can bear, then that's a different situation," he said. "But this is something that is very easily done."

That solution, according to Bevin, is to put marriage license  applications online - a fix he says Gov. Steve Beshear should have  implemented by executive order before the "carnival" erupted in Rowan County. Beshear, a Democrat, maintains he lacks the legal authority to fundamentally change the licensing process.

While no major polls have been conducted recently, Bevin told the audience victory for his campaign looks "more and more likely" when voters head to the polls in November.

No stranger to testy exchanges with the media, the GOP hopeful made himself available following the event but refused to take questions from some reporters.

Bevin event ends with testy exchange between the candidate and veteran reporter Al Cross

The chamber will host Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Conway on October 23.

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