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UK Surgeon Banned From Practicing Medicine But Remains On Staff

One of the most experienced and award winning trauma surgeons at the University of Kentucky Medical Center won’t be able to practice medicine but will be allowed to keep his tenure privileges. 

After a closed door meeting at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Paul Kearney has retained his faculty tenure which means he can retain his on-campus office, communicate with colleagues and use his UK e-mail account.  However, he is not allowed to practice medicine at the hospital.  Dr. Kearney was reprimanded by the University for being rude and verbally abusive to staff and patients.  UK Spokesman Jay Blanton said “The UK Healthcare Committee today unanimously affirmed the work of three independent panels that included 16 doctors, Doctor Kearney’s peers.  They affirmed that Dr. Kearney should no longer have his clinical privileges here.  It was a strong statement about the fact that this University won’t tolerate abusive behavior towards colleagues, towards students and towards patients”

Dr. Kearney believes he is being targeted because he “blew-the-whistle on the misuse of funds by high level administrators” and added that he “knew there would be retaliation.”

Blanton disagreed and defended the decision, saying it was made by Dr. Kearney’s own colleagues.  Dr. Kearney says he will continue to fight the decision in court and has filed a whistle blowers lawsuit.