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Lexington Minimum Wage Meeting Rescheduled


A Thursday meeting by Lexington’s Urban County Council to discuss raising the minimum wage has been rescheduled. Near the end of Tuesday’s work session, At-Large Representative Kevin Stinnett introduced a motion to postpone the meeting, saying it was a matter of representation. 

“In the event of Councilmember Lane’s passing, there is no representative for the 12th district.  I didn’t make a motion last Tuesday because there was a few of you absent, but I think it would be appropriate to reschedule the COW meeting on Thursday night, given the importance of the issue, so that the 12th district is represented at that meeting,” he said.

However, some members of the council, including 3rd District Representative Jake Gibbs disagreed. 

“There’s a lot of people planning to be here on Thursday and I don’t like when we cancel something on short notice and give the public the impression that we’re trying to avoid something.  I think it’s kind of late to cancel, I’d prefer to go with it," he said.  

Despite these objections, the motion passed 9-5, pushing back the minimum wage committee of the whole meeting to September 10th

Chase Cavanaugh first got on the air as a volunteer reader for Central Kentucky Radio Eye, a local news service for the visually impaired. He began reporting for WUKY in February 2012, after receiving his Master’s degree from the University of Kentucky’s Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce.