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Fayette County School Board Navigates Tight Budget


Early Fayette County Public Schools budget projections show the district in a healthier position than the previous year, but officials will still be looking for ways to cut costs.

In the positive column, school board chair John Price points to an estimated $11.7 million dollar jump in property tax dollars, but "about $9.7 million of that will be automatically taken by mandated raises that the legislature says we have to give our teacher and staff."

He adds, "We're glad to do that, but it doesn't give us a lot of flexibility in terms of the $2 million that's left over."

What that will mean for the district’s top priority – shifting more resources toward the schools most in need – remains to be seen, but Price says maintaining the status quo may prove to be enough of a challenge as the district grapples with rising expenses, insurance, and utility costs.

At a board meeting Monday, administration services senior director Kyna Koch suggested a number of possible areas where the district might look for savings – including holding off on new programs in the 2015-16 school year and curbing transportation costs.

A tentative budget will be up for approval by the board later this month.

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