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Mary Todd Lincoln House To Commemorate Day The First Lady Became A Widow

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

Tuesday marks the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the Lexington girlhood home of his widow, Mary Todd Lincoln, is marking the tragedy with specially-themed evening tours. 

Death, Mourning, and Mrs. Lincoln will be offered at 5pm and 6pm on both the date Lincoln was shot (April 14th) and the date of his death (April 15th). 
Mrs. Lincoln suffered more loss than many women of her time. In this special tour, visitors will explore how the first lady’s experiences reflected the ways in which 19th century Americans coped with death. This program will feature artifacts and other historical sources that illustrate evolving funerary and mourning customs and unorthodox practices such as spiritualism.
Death, Mourning, and Mrs. Lincoln is a part of the museum’s evening tour series. While the standard tour covers Mary Lincoln's entire biography, evening tours take a closer look at special topics related to Mrs Lincoln and her life. Other evening tours have included Mrs. Lincoln’s Favorite Things, Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckley and Mrs. Lincoln’s Civil War.

Reservations required. Admission $15 for individuals, $13 per person with a group of four or more, and $10 per person for members and their guests. Not recommended for children. The Mary Todd Lincoln House is located at 578 West Main Street in downtown Lexington. Free parking directly behind the house. Call Gwen at 859-233-9999 for reservations or visit www.mtlhouse.org for further information. 
The Mary Todd Lincoln House is the girlhood home of Mrs. Lincoln. She brought her husband and children to visit the Todd family here in 1847. The first historic site restored to honor a first lady, the museum is operated by Kentucky Mansions Preservation Foundation, a private non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and promoting historic properties.


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