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KBC Bleeding Blue During Tourney Time

The Kentucky Blood Center needs you to roll up your sleeves and if you do, they’ll show their appreciation with some Wildcat swag.

Supplies have been a little low the past few months at the blood center.  Spokesperson Denise Fields tells us donation centers and scheduled drives took a hit during weeks of bad winter weather, now spring break is hampering numbers.  “People aren’t around to donate so right now we’re really trying to restock our shelves and get people to come in because the blood on our shelves is what we use during an emergency.”

So while I was doing this interview, I decided to donate…and I’m a chicken.  It only took about a half an hour out of my day.  “We try to make it as convenient as possible.  You just come in, you have to have a photo ID, you register, do a screening, find out if you’re healthy enough to donate.  You get a mini physical and then you come in and donate where it takes about ten minutes on the donor bed.  Then you get to go have a Little Debbie snack cake!”  And right now, along with your snack, you’ll also walk away with a brand new shirt that would be perfect to wear this weekend.  “My blood type is Wildcat blue t-shirts that we are giving out”

For a complete list of donation locations and hours of operation click here http://www.kybloodcenter.org