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Alltech Produces Limited Edition Kentucky Ale 'Platoon Packs'


A local brewing company is getting in on the Kentucky Wildcats’ pursuit of perfection.  Alltech has produced a limited supply of Kentucky Ale Blue and White “Platoon Packs.” 

“It has three Belgian white ales in it as well as three blueberry Belgian ales.  So you’re getting two different types of beer in one six pack," said Alltech spokesperson Danielle Palmer. 

Since the limited edition packs were released last week Palmer says the six packs have been very popular.

“Actually our salesman was having trouble getting his display together because people were just grabbing it as he was making up the display.  We only made about a thousand cases so they are definitely going very fast," Palmer said.

The platoon packs sell for $9.99 and are available at stores across Central Kentucky.