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Lawrenceburg Relying On Added Help To Keep Roads Cleared

One Kentucky town will get needed help from surrounding counties as winter weather returns to Central Kentucky.

Last week, Lawrenceburg lost nearly all of the city’s snow removal equipment, including trucks and plows, when a fire destroyed the building they were stored in.  Mayor Robert Goodlett and city officials have come up with an alternate plan that relies on independent contractors and surrounding counties for help.  “The plan we have is to actually contact with a local contractor for a couple of trucks and Frankfort has offered us a driver and a truck as has Franklin County.  So that gives us four trucks to push snow and to spread salt.  And we had a smaller truck of ours that survived for smaller streets, dead ends and cul-de-sacs so we’re ready.”

Forecasters are predicting sleet, freezing rain and between six and 10 inches of snow to fall across the state over the next two days.