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Kentucky Students Spread The Love

It’s been a love fest of sorts for Fayette and Scott County students, but the message goes deeper than just letting someone know you care. 

Valentine’s Day can be filled with romance and love but this time of year doesn’t bring warm fuzzies to everyone.  That’s why students spent the afternoon at Tates Creek High-School sending tweets and texts and even making calls in an effort to uplift family and friends

This is the fifth annual Spread the Love-A-Thon which began as a campaign to end youth suicide.  Amanda Sewel is a Family Consumer Administrator and Advisor with Fayette County Schools. “They’re just giving them a genuine compliment and saying you know, I love you.  I’m glad we’re friends.  And in conjunction with that they’re also giving them some kind of statistic that has to do with youth suicide.  So part of the point of this is to raise awareness for youth suicide.”

This year the event was supported by The Ridge Behavioral Health System and Sewel said crisis counselors were on hand in case a student got in touch with a peer who may be in crisis.  Students from across Fayette and Scott counties are participating in this year’s Spread the Love-A-Thon.