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District Science Fair Held at Tates Creek High School

Students from schools across Fayette County participated Saturday in the annual Kentucky American Water Science Fair.  

Carrying cardboard posters and flanked by their families, the students filed into Tates Creek High School Saturday to show off more than 600 projects.  They competed in 14 different subjects, such as biochemistry, animal science and physics, each investigating a radically different concept.  Topics varied, ranging from water quality experiments and potato batteries to, in the case of 4th grader Kiera Fehr, space vehicles.  

“What I was trying to figure out is which way it’s faster to maneuver a rover, walking behind it like the astronauts on the rover on the moon, or controlling it remotely on a TV monitor," she said. 

She found that 5 out of 8 test subjects found it easier to maneuver a rover standing behind it.  Kiera would go on to win a Grand Champion award in engineering, the youngest of the winners in that category.  When asked about the experience, she was overjoyed.   

“I feel really happy, really proud.” 

Kiera was one of many students recognized for their scientific acumen that night.  While some will go on to compete in regional competitions, all will be recognized in a special ceremony at Thursday’s City Council meeting, which takes place at 6 PM.  

A list of winners can be found at the FCPS website.