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Outgoing Vice Mayor Given Praise, Serenade at Final Council Meeting


Members of the Lexington Urban County Council recently joined together to show their support for the city’s outgoing Vice Mayor. 

Linda Gorton attended her final council meeting Tuesday evening, completing 16 years of service with the city.  During her tenure, the city passed several influential pieces of legislation , such as a comprehensive smoking ban, rural land management policy, and fairness ordinance.  Gorton’s colleagues said she was very diplomatic in solving issues, even when debate was at its fiercest.  At Tuesday’s meeting, Councilmember Steve Kay says this left an indelible mark on the group. 

"I feel a special obligation to say, I’m sorry you have such big shoes to fill.  You have set a standard that as the rising vice mayor, I will have to work very hard to meet," he said.

Others thanked Gorton for mentoring them, particularly when they were first elected to council.  5th District Councilmember Bill Farmer even serenaded for her, rewriting his favorite Christmas song, Susie Snowflake. 

Nearly in tears, Gorton thanked the council for their support.  With Kay taking her place in January, she says she looks forward to spending time with her extended family.