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Coin-Toss Decides Two Kentucky Elections

Proof that one vote can make a difference, two races that ended in dead heats in Kentucky had to be decided the same way we start a football game.

With the toss of a coin, the winners were chosen in two separate races for candidates seeking a spot on a central Kentucky city board.  There were tied votes for the Crab Orchard City Commission and the Stanford City Council, both in Lincoln County.  Lincoln County Clerk Sonny Spoonamore performed a pair of coin flips to determine the winner in both cases.

In the Crab Orchard race, challenger Priscilla Manuel called tails, but the coin landed on heads and the seat was given to incumbent Randall Price.  In the Stanford race, Peggy Hester called heads but the coin landed on tails and so John Sallee Jr. got the seat.

County Attorney Daryl Day said the situation shows the importance of voting in local elections.