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Appeals Court Ruling Charts New Course For Gay Marriage Advocates, Opponents

Gay marriage advocates have vowed to press on to overturn Kentucky's ban a day after a federal appeals court let the law stay in place.

At a noontime rally Friday in Louisville, plaintiffs in the lawsuits seeking to have their marriages recognized or get married in the Bluegrass State and about 50 supporters pledged to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. The appeals court ruled Thursday that the fate of same-sex marriage bans in four states should be left to voters, not the legal system.

One of the plaintiffs, Kim Franklin, described herself as "in mourning" over the ruling, but added "We know it's temporary mourning."

Meanwhile, one conservative group is hailing the decision as a return to traditional values in the judiciary.

"This was a breath of fresh air," Kent Ostrander with the Family Foundation told WUKY. "We believe it's built on true American governmental tradition and it should be the people of each state deciding how marriage is going to be configured."

Both camps agree on one thing, however. The decision could finally force the Supreme Court's hand on the issue and lead to a final decision on the national level.

The appeals court decision came in cases from Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan and Ohio.

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