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Political Push In The Final Stretch

With just five days to go until Election Day, political heavyweights are stumping for their party's candidates here in Kentucky. 

It took several months, but Republican Bill Holland said he is ready to vote for Mitch McConnell.  "At first I was down on old Mitch. But the more I hear from him and his supporters, the more I'm sorry I voted against him in the primary, I'm behind Mitch all the way." the 65 year old said.

McConnell easily defeated Matt Bevin, his tea party-backed challenger, in May's primary. But more than 125,000 Republicans voted against him. Now in what appears to be the closest election of McConnell's 30-year career - against Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes - the Senate minority leader will be counting on voters like Holland, who took out their frustration with him in May but ultimately say they will return to the Republican fold in November.

That was the message Wednesday night, when McConnell and Bevin spoke at a Republican rally in Louisville, one of the few times the two have been seen together since the primary. Bevin did not endorse McConnell by name, but he sent a message to his supporters that "it is not acceptable to be fed up and stay home.  Elections have consequences. ... I say with all due respect to a lot of folks who might say otherwise, sometimes we might need to get over it and move on,"  Bevin told the crowd. "We have new races to run and new decisions to make. There is too much at stake."

McConnell said appearing with Bevin proves Kentucky has a unified Republican Party.

For Alison Lundergan Grimes' camp, former President Bill Clinton is returning to Kentucky for a rally Thursday in Louisville.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returns to Kentucky on Saturday.  The Grimes-McConnell race is being watched as both major parties are seeing who will control the U.S. Senate after Tuesday's vote.