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TWC Merger May Be Denied by Lexington

Lexington is in the process of negotiating a new franchise agreement with cable provider Time Warner.  However, concerns about customer service have led city government to potentially deny a transfer of assets to Comcast.  

The Lexington Fayette Urban County Council approved first readings of two resolutions related to a new franchise agreement with Time Warner Cable.  They would deny the transfer of local cable assets from Time Warner to Comcast (as part of a merger) and from Comcast to Charter Communications (to comply with antitrust regulations).  Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says this negotiating process is one of the few times the city can have input on its local cable service. 

"Any franchise agreement that we are able to sign with our cable provider right now, Time Warner Cable, will pass to Comcast, and then it will pass to Charter.  There won’t be another opportunity to sign another franchise agreement," she said.

Surveys by J.D. Power and Associates show widespread dissatisfaction with Time Warner Cable’s customer service.  According to Gorton, the resolutions are meant to get the company to improve, as well as negotiate more with the city. 

“We are hopeful that between tonight’s first reading and the second reading that Time Warner Cable would be willing to sit back with us at the table for more negotiations,” she said.

The resolutions will face a second reading and a vote on October 23rd.  The city has until November 14th to come up with a franchise agreement and make an ultimate decision on the merger. 

Chase Cavanaugh first got on the air as a volunteer reader for Central Kentucky Radio Eye, a local news service for the visually impaired. He began reporting for WUKY in February 2012, after receiving his Master’s degree from the University of Kentucky’s Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce.