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Walgreens Taking New Steps To Protect Prescription Drugs In Ky.

Walgreens locations in Kentucky and Indiana will soon be outfitted with time delay safes, but they won’t be protecting money.

The safes coming to a Walgreens pharmacy near you are meant to protect commonly-used controlled substances. At the first hint of trouble, pharmacists will be able to activate the safe, keeping the full inventory of pills locked away for an unspecified amount of time. The idea is to wait out the robbers, who will be less likely to stay on the scene the longer they’re forced to wait.

In addition to surveillance cameras already in use, Walgreens plans to post signs alerting any would-be drug thieves to the presence of the time-delay devices.

Walgreens officials say robberies are down in other states where the safes are already installed, including Tennessee, Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and others.

The company operates more than 90 stores in Kentucky. 

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