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On Mayoral Race, Beatty Looking Forward

Chase Cavanaugh

Having advanced to the general election, Lexington mayoral candidate and former police chief Anthany Beatty considers himself in a favorable position.  

Beatty's supporters waited anxiously Tuesday evening as the votes came in.  At about 7:30, it was clear that he had come in second place.  Having earned 38% of the vote, compared to Danny Mayer’s 5% and Jim Gray’s 57%, Beatty says he is satisfied with the results.  

“We certainly like our position.  We’re in a position to gain some ground, certainly on a popular incumbent, and it’s our first run at an elected office, so we feel really good about our position where we are tonight," he said. 

Beatty’s platform focuses on public safety, as well as shifting development money from downtown to Lexington’s suburbs and neighborhoods.  Campaign manager Phil Osborne says they were outspent 8 to 1, so to get the message out, the key was supporters themselves.  

I’ve been involved in political campaigns for 30 years, and I have never ever worked with a bunch of volunteers more dedicated than the ones I’m working with now.  Every time you need something, every time you want to get something done, yard signs placed, marches, Beep for Beatty campaign, caravans, they’re always there," he said. 

Beatty now advances to face incumbent Jim Gray in the general election, which will take place on November 4th.