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A Good Weekend To Sip, Sup, And Savor

Central Kentuckians have an opportunity to experience a celebration of libations this weekend.

To put a capper on Craft Beer Week, Alltech is having its first annual Craft Brews and Food Festival.  Event organizer Billy Frey says there’s a little something for every taste and pallet.

"We like those domestic beers, there's always a place for them, but similar to the local food or slow food movements, I think people are looking a lot more for quality, taste, and they want to know where their beer comes from."

The festival is Saturday from noon to eight at Heritage Hall in downtown Lexington. 

Additional information is available here.

Meanwhile wine aficionados can sip and savor at the Kentucky Wine & Vine Fest in Nicholasville. 

Tyler Madison, the Grape and Wine program manager for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, says the event celebrates Kentucky’s recently rediscovered wine making heritage.

"It's hard to grow grapes in Kentucky.  We've got humid summers, cold winters, we have temperature fluxes, overall it's a difficult thing to do.  We're still young, we're still experimenting.  We're still trying to figure out what we grow here.  UK has been very helpful with their viticulture program.  They've helped out the vineyards and the wineries immensely.  They are doing a lot of trials and figuring out what it is that we grow best and discovering what we are as a region."

Kentucky Wine and Vine event organizer Jeff McDanald says the festival aims to please.

"It's at the corner of Oak and York street, only two blocks from the courthouse, right downtown in Nicholasville...you can buy a bottle, buy a case at some friendly prices, from these great wineries from across the state."

Wine and Vine Fest runs all day Saturday in Nicholasville.

All the details are available here.