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Anti-Apartheid Activist Urges Students To Apply Lessons Of Apartheid

Anti-apartheid Activist Denis Goldberg told a group of UK students Monday to remember the cause of freedom still need fighters.

Goldberg, who was considered by South African authorities to be "the most dangerous white man in the country" in 1963, urged the students to learn the lessons of his country and apply them at home.

"...to use the knowledge they gain and the skills they gain to make a better world for others. And I quote Nelson Mandela, 'It's not enough to cast off your chains. One must respect and advance the freedom of others,' and there's a lot of freedom to be advanced in your country, in mine, all over the world," he said.

Still, in his address, Goldberg warned against reducing the anti-apartheid movement to a single man. While praising Nelson Mandela, he told the audience to remember the many who fought and died for the cause.

Goldberg served 22 years in prison before being released in 1985.

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