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Healthcare Industry Tops Lobbying List

The Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission has released a report detailing the scope of lobbying efforts during the legislative session in Frankfort.

One industry, however, far outspent the others.

In a year dominated by battles over the implementation of the Affordable Care Act both in Kentucky and rest of the country, it may come as little surprise which lobbying groups were most active during the first two months of the 2014 session.

"The healthcare industry was by far the largest spending industry with almost $900,000 spent in the first two months by those businesses and organizations," says John Schaaf with the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission.

Schaff says hospitals, pharmaceutical interests, and the Kentucky Medical Association accounted for roughly 21 percent of the total money spent on lobbying. The vast majority of that money went toward lobbyist salaries.

Education interests came in second, spending just over $265,000.

In all, $4.3 million was spent on lobbying in Frankfort in January and February.

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