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Senator: Kentucky Behind The Times On Sexual Orientation Protections

Josh James

A Kentucky lawmaker is introducing a bill that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation across the state.

Louisville senator and University of Missouri graduate Morgan McGarvey spoke about the recent coming out of NFL prospect and fellow Mizzou alum Michael Sam during a floor speech on Tuesday.

"We need to rally around our teammates and stand up for the thousands of people in this Commonwealth who also fear discrimination simply because of their orientation. In a day in age when even our most macho and American sport recognizes this reality, Kentucky needs to catch up with the times."

Kentucky law currently prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, or ethnicity in areas such as housing and employment, but McGarvey argues only 25 percent of Kentuckians are covered by local ordinances that include sexual orientation protections.

He say he plans to introduce the bill this week.