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Agenda 21 Bill Emerges From Ky. Senate

A bill prohibiting the adoption of any provision in the 1992 United Nations proposal known as “Agenda 21” sailed through the state Senate Tuesday.

Northern Kentucky Sen. John Schikel and bill sponsor told the chamber that the voluntary, 300-page U.N. action plan seeks to impose environmental restrictions on local communities.

"The people of Kentucky don't want international groups dictating to us what environmental policy should be," he said.

Critics argue the effects of Agenda 21 have been exaggerated by conspiracy enthusiasts who believe it to be a covert attempt by governments to take away property rights.

Schikel says his bill is not about conspiracies, but rather an attempt to show Kentucky’s symbolic opposition to outside control when it comes to environmental laws.

The bill passed 32-to-5 without any debate.

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