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Beshear: Budget Will Set Policy Into 2016

Governor Steve Beshear spoke to members of Commerce Lexington about his top priorities for the state of Kentucky Friday.

Education, job growth, and continuing to provide affordable health care still top Beshear’s list of goals for Kentucky.  He said we must continue to build on what we’ve already accomplished or other states will move ahead and leave Kentucky behind so he is relying on lawmakers to forge ahead with his plan for the state’s finance

"This session of the General Assembly the most important thing that will happen by far is the adoption of the next two-year budget for the Commonwealth. It'll be spending about $20 billion,  $10 billion a year over the a two year period. That will set so much of the policy for this state over the next two years and for even longer than that into the future," the governor said.

Beshear added that Kentucky is leading the way in education reform as the first state to adopt the Common Core standards, which are now used in 45 states.  Last year the state ranked number two in job growth and Kynect, the state run health care website and call center, is being looked at by the Obama administration as the best model used to implement The Affordable Care Act.

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