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Kentucky State Police Now Taking Crime Tips Via Text Message


FRANKFORT, Ky. - Getting important information about a suspected crime to police officials is now as easy as sending a text message from your cell phone. Kentucky State Police launched a new program this week called "Text a Tip," which allows the public to send confidential information such as names, dates and locations related to criminal activity.   To use the crime tip service, simply text 67283 in the address  field, then type KSPTIP in the message field. Leave a space, then enter the information about the crime.  The messages are sent to a separate, third-party server where identifying information is stripped out.

“It goes to communication headquarters. We read all of them and then relegate it to what it is, where it’s at. It may get sent off to a particular post that can respond to that appropriately,” says KSP spokesman Sgt. Rick Saint-Blancard.

The crime tip texting program has been successful for other police jurisdictions across the country.

“One slight tip may be exactly what we need to break an investigation.”

Sgt. Saint-Blancard  says people should still call 911 in an emergency. He emphasized that texts should not be sent while driving.