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20,000 Fans Celebrate UK Title at Rupp

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Thousands of UK fans will be packed into Rupp Arena this afternoon for a celebration of the men’s basketball teaming winning the NCAA title.

Think of it as a mini version of Big Blue Madness. More than 20,000 people got free tickets to the Kentucky celebration at Rupp Arena this afternoon, including Richie Donworth.

“My wife is an insane UK fan so I’m surprising her with these for later.”

Robert Rose drove up from Powell County to get a look at the 2012 Wildcats and their championship trophy.

“It means everything to me and my family. We’ve been UK fans, raised on it since we was little.”

Rose admits he got a little worried when Kansas started to close the gap late in the game, but says the Cats know how to share the ball and win.

“They’re truly unselfish. Nobody’s lookin’ to be the star and I think that’s what has made them great.”

Organizers of the rally planned on hosting a celebration for UK regardless of whether the team won or lost. The last time fans gathered at Rupp for postseason festivities was after Kentucky brought home the title in 1998.

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