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Candidate Filings Set Up Possible Congressional Race Rematch

By Kenny Colston - Kentucky Public Radio

Frankfort, KY – A campaign rematch in the Sixth Congressional District is almost official. Republican Andy Barr filed his paperwork today for a shot at a rematch against Democratic Congressman Ben Chandler. Chandler also filed his paperwork Friday.

But Barr will still have to beat a relatively unknown Republican challenger before facing Chandler in the general election. In 2010, Chandler beat Barr by 647 votes.

Barr, who was outspent by more than a million dollars during that race, says money won't be an issue this year.

"We will have the resources that we need to communicate our message of limited government, free enterprise and fiscal responsibility and I believe the people of Central Kentucky continue to build momentum for our campaign," he said.

In speaking with reporters, Barr said many of the same issues of two years ago still matter now. And he repeatedly attempted to link Chandler to President Barack Obama.

"We need a new way forward, a new kind of leadership," Barr said. "Leadership that focuses on dealing with the job crisis, dealing with the debt crisis, and frankly restoring trust in government again."

Campaign groups have already spent some money on the rematch, airing limited TV ads or mail pieces. The congressional race is likely to be one of the most closely watched elections next year.