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Task Force Aims To Guide Future Downtown Development

By Josh James


Lexington, KY – Lexington officials are closing in on a new development plan that could shape the character of future construction downtown.

In a report to Lexington's Planning Commission Tuesday, the Design Excellence Task Force recommended that the city absorb and modify the the current court house area design and review process to affect a wider area bounded by Midland Avenue , Maxwell Street, Newtown Pike, and Third Street. The hope is that modifying and expanding those guidelines and regulations could allow the government to better foster what it calls "design excellence." Task force member Bill Lear says incentives also play an important role.

"What you want to do with incentives is make people want to be here. What you want to do with the guidelines is help them to create something great when they come," Lear said.

Incentives could include public subsidy of parking area, waiving permitting fees, and providing property tax relief.