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Lawmakers Take Up Playhouse Case

By Josh James

Lexington, KY – One family's fight to keep a playhouse built for their disabled child against the wishes of their local homeowner's association has made its way to the state capitol.

The case of three-year-old Cooper Veloudis' playhouse has drawn national attention and sparked online petitions. On Thursday, state lawmakers officially weighed in on the dispute, with Democratic state representative Richard Henderson sponsoring a bill some have dubbed "Cooper's Law." Cooper's mother, Tiffany Veloudis, appeared in Frankfort to voice support for House Bill 160, which would allow homeowners to build structures like their playhouse as long as a doctor says the building serves a therapeudic purpose. Veloudis said her family's experience proves the law needs to be changed.

"...it is a civil rights issue. Why can the child down the street have a treehouse or a house up on stilts with a tree house attached? I would love to have that in my yard instead of this, but Cooper can't hold on to a swingset," Veloudis said.

The argument between the Veloudises and the Andover Forest Homeowner's Association is currently in the courts.