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Transylvania University Campus Expanding

By Alan Lytle

Lexington, KY – The President of Transylvania University in Lexington says the school has purchased property near its campus to build new athletics facilities. Owen Williams says the school has needed larger fields for its sports programs for quite some time.

"We have now been able to acquire a couple of different properties on Fourth Street that will enable us to create new fields for lacrosse and soccer, field hockey, all of the sports our students are interested in."

Williams says lacrosse is a new offering in response to growing interest.

"...we are getting lots of enthusiastic reaction to (it) from prospective students, and then we've also added an equestrian program. While the equestrian program is not something we'll be able to do near our campus, given our location, that's something we're also very excited about."

Williams says the existing athletics facilities may be used for more classroom or dormitory space.