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Public / Private Effort To Build A Home For A Local Disabled Vet

By Alan Lytle

Lexington, KY – A newly announced public / private partnership will soon provide one local disabled veteran and his or her family with a brand new place to live.

The Lexington Home Builders Association will construct a house in the Equestrian View neighborhood in downtown's historic East End. It'll be paid for through a Hope VI federal grant administered by the Lexington Housing Authority.

Other volunteer partners include the Heather French Foundation for Veterans, and the national group USA CARES.

Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says the venture has the potential to change lives.

"The impact on this family, whoever it is, cannot be understated. When you think about what this will do for a veteran who is disabled, it is pretty hard to imagine what it will mean."

At today's ceremony in Veterans Park, Former Miss America, Heather French-Henry, used a prophetic quote from President George Washington, to illustrate the need to honor military men and women each and every day.

"The willingness of future generations of our country is directly dependent on how we treat those who have already served. America has a long road ahead to fulfill its promises to our American Veterans and especially the future generations of veterans that we are creating daily."

HBA Executive Director Todd Johnson says the ranch-style home will have 4 bedrooms and two baths. He says the veteran will have forgivable terms for the lot purchase and mortgage.

Applications are currently being accepted at hbalexington.com