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Woodford Co. Joins Kentucky Quilt Trail

The Woodford Co. Quilt Trail hung its first square in Millville at 7345 McCracken Pike. Photo courtesy Woodford Co. Quilt Trail

By Brenna Angel


VERSAILLES, Ky. – Some new colorful quilt designs will soon be dressing up central Kentucky barns.

More than 60 counties are part of the Kentucky Quilt Trail, and now Woodford County is joining them. With a small grant from the Kentucky Arts Council, the project's goal is to honor farming and community traditions.

"Traditionally you find quilts on barns, but today you're finding them throughout your local communities. They can be on historical buildings in your downtown," says Debbie Tichenor, coordinator the Woodford County Quilt Trail.

The group hung a design at a barn in Millville last week, and will unveil another one Saturday at Pastures Farm in the Pisgah Historic District.

"If we can bring a smile to someone's face each morning as they go out and drive to work and pass that barn and see that quilt, we've accomplished everything that we set out to do."

Tichenor hopes the Woodford Quilt Trail can eventually raise 30 quilts and create driving brochures for visitors. Saturday's event starts at 10:30 a.m. at Pastures Farm at the corner of Paynes Mill Road and Pisgah Pike.