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WUKY StoryCorps: Nicholson Brothers Acknowledge Responsibility Of Stewardship

By WUKY Staff


Lexington, KY – John Nicholson is the Executive Director of the Kentucky Horse Park, which just last year became the first North American host site of the World Equestrian Games. His older brother Nick Nicholson is the current President of Keeneland Racetrack which celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2011.

In this excerpt from their StoryCorps session, the Clark County natives talk about their respective roles in preserving Lexington's status as the Horse Capital of the World.

Nick Nicholson says the presence of the hose park and Keeneland "permeates the community's sense of self-confidence."

John says beyond that, when people visit the two sites, they often feel a real "sense of ownership; that this belongs to us."

Nick notes the irony that they both work for institutions "that do not belong to us." John says there's a distinct difference between stewardship and ownership and he describes their roles in the former category.

Together they acknowledge the tremendous responsibility they feel as stewards over such entities. Along with that responsibility the brothers remark that there is no shortage of opinion when it comes to the operation of their facilities.

Nick quips that "there are a lot of people in town who know how to run Keeneland."

John says he we wouldn't have it any other way because it demonstrates how their institutions are woven into the fabric of Central Kentucky.

Nick closes the conversation by saying "there are many wonderful traditions at Keeneland with which I am both blessed and burdened."

John and Nick Nicholson's StoryCorps conversation will be archived in the Library of Congress.

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